Our Services


1. Regular Pedicure
$35/Gel $45

This pedicure includes:
*Cuticle trims
*Callus removers 
*Gentle lotion massage

2. The Deluxe Pedicure
$45 / Gel $55

*Aromatic Foot Soak
*Nail Shaping
*Cuticles Trim
*Callus Remover
*Exfoliating Scrub
*Mud Mask
*Hot Towel
*Soothing Massage

3. The Stressed Pedicure
$55 / Gel $65

*Mineral Foot Soak
*Nail Shaping
*Cuticles Trim
*Callus Remover
*Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
*Mud Mask
*Hot Towel
*Hydrating Massage
*Our Amazing PARAFFIN Treatment

4. The Ultimate Deluxe
$65 / Gel $75

*Aromatic Foot Soak
*Nails Shaping
*Cuticle Trims
*Callus Remover
*Exfoliating Scrub
*Mud Mask
*Hot Towels
*Heal Treatments
*HOT STONE Massage
*The Amazing PARAFFIN Treatment

5. The Golden Pedicure
$75 / Gel $85

*Foot soaking to soften the cuticle to be clean & toes nails file to be the perfect shape for the feet.
*Callus remover applied to scrub the dryness off the sole of your feet.
*Exfoliating sugar scrub will also get rid of any dryness of the legs and feet.
*The golden jelly mask will be applied on to soothe and brighten the skin+ hot towel 
*Hot stone massage+paraffin treatments to give you the relaxation of a tiring day.

Paraffin Treatment Benefits:

Improving Blood Circulation
Relieving Stiffness

Nails Enhancements

Gel Polish Full Set
$50 & up
Gel Polish Fill-in
$40 & up
Color Powder Full Set
$50 & up
Color Powder Fill-in
$45 & up
Ombre Full Set
$60 & up
Dipping Powder
$45 & up
Regular Full Set
$30 & up
Regular Fill-in
$25 & up
Regular Manicure
Gel Polish Manicure

Additional Services

Gel polish change
$25 & up
Regular polish change
$15 & up
Nails repair
$5 & up
Soak off
Take off
Nails Clip/File


Upper Lips

Any Special nails, Ask Technicians